Get Help Doing Your 2016 Taxes with LLCU!

January 23, 2017

Get Help Doing Your 2016 Taxes with LLCU!

Visit Our Oakland branch in Decatur to Have Your Taxes Prepared!

Land of Lincoln has two great ways to help you get through tax season this year! In Decatur, Gary Wilhelm has strategically partnered with Land of Lincoln to prepare member's taxes at our Oakland branch in Decatur, IL. An Independent Registered Tax Return Preparer, Mr. Wilhelm will be available starting on January 17th to help you complete all of your tax needs. His fees for most returns are as follows:

  • $40 for 1040EZ
  • $50 for 1040A
  • $60 for 1040

Forms include both state and federal plus electronic filing for both. Gary Wilhelm is an authorized E-File provider. For more information, you can call Mr. Wilhelm directly at 217-423-2121.

And Don't Forget!

You can have your tax refunds direct deposited into your Land of Lincoln accounts! It's faster and safer than getting it in the mail! Also, direct deposit refunds from the IRS can be directed to multiple (up to three) accounts. So, it's a perfect way for you to fund your IRA by direct deposit of your tax refund! A part of the refund can go to their IRA, with the balance going to up to two other accounts. Or on a Married Filing Joint return, both spouses can fund their IRA's, with a remaining balance to go to checking or savings. Let Land of Lincoln Credit Union make this tax season easy!