Fresh Start Checking

  • Fresh Start Checking is designed to help members rebuild their credit. We understand that bad things can happen to our members. We believe that everyone deserves a fresh start. This account can be opened even if the ChexSystem report shows they have unpaid balances at other financial institutions. (No more than 3 unpaid closures).
  • Financial Counseling and Advice offered. Ongoing financial literacy is available and offered to Fresh Start members through the BALANCE™ Program.
  • No check digit is distributed and no checks are ordered. However, members with a Fresh Start account will have a debit card for the account.
  • Proper check cashing and handling policies will be strictly followed. This is due to the high risk assumed by the credit union on these types of accounts.
  • Fresh Start is a stepping stone account. If the account is held in good standing and the member pays the balance owed to other financial institutions, they will qualify for a Basic or Regular Checking account, depending on their credit score.