Project Do Good



Welcome to "Project Do Good". In conjunction with the launch of Land of Lincoln Credit Union’s Do Good Free Checking Account, we wanted to take helping people to an entirely different level. While our credit union donates money and time to a variety of organizations and charities, we felt that this just wasn’t enough.

We want to get out on the streets, in our communities and touch real people. So, over the next few months our “Do Good” team will be traveling the region to do good on an individual level. The process is simple. You might see us at an event, walking down the sidewalk or in your favorite restaurant donating money, paying for someone’s lunch or even buying your groceries.

Our only hope is that if we do something good for you, we hope to inspire you to do something good for someone else. After all, doing good doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. The smallest acts of kindness are truly some of the greatest gifts of all.

Please visit our PROJECT DO GOOD website at to read the wonderful stories of people helping people in our local communities.