BillPay FAQs

Need help with BillPay? Here are a few frequently asked questions that may be able to fix your issues.

  1. The computer says it’s opening another browser but I don’t see anything but a white page.
    Your pop up blocker on your browser isn’t allowing the page to open. Quick fix: Simply allow pop-ups for Land of Lincoln Credit Union's page.

  2. How do I set up a recurring payment?
    Go to the MANAGE MY BILLS tab and select the CHOOSE THE PAYEE. Then, click ADD AN AUTOMATIC PAYMENT and complete the applicable areas.

  3. How do I cancel a recurring payment?
    Go to MANAGE MY BILLS then CHOOSE THE PAYEE. Finally, click DELETE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT 1 and choose "OK" to confirm the cancellation.

  4. Will all payments be made electronically?
    No. You can tell if a payment will be paid electronically when you set up the payee.  If the system finds a name after you search for it, then the funds will be paid electronically. If you have to manually enter the payee name and address then the payee will be sent a paper check.

  5. Can I choose/force a payment to get paid electronically instead of a check?
    Unfortunately no. Our BillPay provider stipulates which payees can be paid electronically.

  6. How can I stop a payment that is in process?
    If the payment was made electronically, you cannot stop the payment.  If the payment was made by check, then you can put a stop payment on the check for a fee of $24. Stop payments can be completed through our online home banking system.

If you still need help with our BillPay services, please feel free to contact us at one of our branches or through our Contact Us form.