Mobile Banking

Getting Started

Land of Lincoln Credit Union offers the ability to use your personal phone or tablet to conduct your banking on our mobile platform. The following information answers some commonly asked questions regarding our mobile banking product.

What is Mobile Banking?

Q: What is LLCU’s Mobile Banking? 

A: It is an app for Apple® and Android® smartphones and iPad that allows you to check balances, transfer money between accounts, pay bills through Bill Pay, make check deposits through Mobile Deposit (using compatible devices) and find branch and ATM locations. 

Q: What is Mobile Deposit?  
A: Mobile Deposit is a feature of the LLCU Mobile Banking app that allows you to make check deposits using your camera (using compatible devices).

Q: Is the LLCU Mobile app the same for both Apple and Android devices?
A: While the functionality of the app is identical for both devices, the Menu Bar (navigation) is on the lower part of the screen for Apple and on the top of the screen for Android.    


Q: Which devices are compatible?
A: Apple iPhones running iOS 6.0 or later and Android smartphones running version 2.2 or later are compatible with LLCU Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit. Apple iPod Touch and iPad devices running iOS 5.0.1 or later are compatible with LLCU Mobile Banking, but not compatible with Mobile Deposit.

Q: Is there a Blackberry or Windows app?
A: The app is not available for BlackBerry® or Windows® smartphones and tablets. If you have one of these devices, you can login to LLCU’s Lincoln Online using your phone’s standard browser.  

Download the App 

Q: How do I download and install the app?
A: Download the app from your smartphone or tablet's app store. In your store's search, type in "Land of Lincoln", and you'll find the free app. 

Login & Security 

Q: Do I need to sign up for LLCU’s Online Banking to use Mobile Banking?
A: Yes. Mobile Banking is an extension of LLCU’s Online Banking. You’ll need to establish your Online Banking User ID and Password before you can login to the Mobile Banking app.

Q: How do I login to LLCU’s Mobile Banking?
A: You can access LLCU’s Mobile Banking using your Online Banking User ID and Password.

Q: Does the LLCU Mobile Banking app remember my Username?
A: Yes. After your initial login to Mobile Banking, the app will remember your Username, but not your password.

Q: Can I login LLCU’s Mobile Banking app using a different Username to view a different account?
A: For now, the Mobile Banking app for iPhone and Android phone is designed to work with one login at a time.  However, you can delete the app and re-install it to login using a different UserName (account).  The Mobile Banking app for Ipad does allow you to select “Change User” to log into a different Username.

Q: Is Mobile Banking safe?
A: Yes, it uses multi-factor authentication just like LLCU’s Online Banking. This includes your Security Questions, your Personal Image and Phrase, your Username and Password.

What's New? 

You can now choose to view up to (6) account balances without actually logging in to the app. Sometimes we aren't looking for actual transactions and just need a quick balance summary. To get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open and sign in to your app.
Step 2: Click on the "More" bottom tab.
Step 3: Click on the "Instant Balance Settings" tab.
Step 4: Enable the Instant Balance by touching the button.
Step 5: Now, select up to (6) accounts you'd like to see as a quick and easy balance reference.
Step 6: Save your preferences.

The next time you open your LLCU app, you will see a dollar sign icon in the upper right hand corner. Click on this icon before you enter your password to see a quick summary of your accounts. Questions? Give us a call!