E-lert Notifications

Life is better with reminders. If you like to know when a check has cleared or if your payroll has been deposited, sign up for our free e-Lerts today! With e-Lerts you will get a notification when the following happens:

  • Savings or checking account balance goes below a selected value
  • Loan payment is past due
  • A check has cleared
  • Direct Deposit hits savings or checking
  • Withdrawal from savings or checking is above a selected value
In order to set e-lerts up, follow the steps below:

1. Once logged onto your online banking, click under the tab, “Access Accounts” and select “e-Mail notifcation.
2. Select “e-Lerts options” then “Add e-Lert”. On the next screen, choose from the list described above.
3. Complete the process by including amount and reminder notes. Make sure you specify if you want the e-Lert to be connected with your checking or savings account.
4. Choose method of notification.
5. Finish by confirming the e-Lert on the last screen.

Please note that you are able to edit your e-Lerts at any time by clicking “Modify.” Continue this process for as much e-Lerts as you’d like. Now you are able to stay informed and up-to-date with your LLCU account.

If you have any questions, please contact a Member Service Representative.