Land of Lincoln Credit Union is owned by you.  For this reason, we refer to our customers as our members.  Money deposited into your regular share account (basic savings account) is referred to as "shares" because of this ownership status. All members must have at least $5 in a regular share account. 

However, this is not a fee. The $5 you deposit remains yours. You must maintain this $5 deposit, however, to maintain your membership with Land of Lincoln Credit Union.

By having a "share" in the Credit Union, a member is eligible to apply for all services offered.  Each $5 on deposit in a regular share account constitutes one share in the the Credit Union.  Each share is equal to one vote used to elect a volunteer Board of Directors at an annual meeting of the membership.  Members may attend their annual meeting or choose to cast their votes by proxy.  The elected Board of Directors serve and govern the Credit Union.

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