Save with LLCU

Want to save some money like many of our members have done this year? No problem! Just review the questions below to see if our loan and member services representatives can help add to your bottom line.

  1. Do you have a checking account with another bank or credit union?
    If they are charging you a monthly fee for your debit card or just to have the account we could save you money.
  2. Do you have an auto loan somewhere else?
    LLCU may be able to refinance it at a lower interest rate and save you $100s to $1,000s of dollars. We even pay the title work to make the switch!
  3. Do you have a mortgage with another bank or credit union?
    Interest rates are at an all-time low right now. Now would be the time to check with us to refinance and save yourself $1,000s of dollars.
  4. Do you have a credit card with another bank or credit union?
    Our interest rates on our Platinum VISA Cards have not changed in years and could save you a lot money in credit card interest. And, we usually offer a special rate for balance transfers throughout the year.

Complete the Form Below or Visit a Branch to Find Out More:

If any of these apply to you, simply contact one of our loan or member service representatives at one of our branches, or complete the form below. We would be happy to contact you to help you save money with Land of Lincoln Credit Union!

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