Overdraft Protection Products

We've got you covered when life happens.

Whether it's an unexpected medical expense, a delayed deposit, or even a simple math error, Land of Lincoln Credit Union knows that sometimes things just happen. That's why we offer several overdraft protection options to help you avoid embarrassment and get your bills paid.

Take advantage of these overdraft products from LLCU:

  • Link to your savings accounts - Overdraft amounts will be automatically transferred for a small fee of $3 per transaction.
  • Overdraft line of credit - Get a low-interest revolving line of credit that will transfer overdraft amounts automatically.

Overdraft Protection

If the above products can't quite cover your overdraft and you have opted-in to Overdraft Protection, LLCU will pay certain transactions that overdraw your account, up to $700. For each transaction that we cover, a fee of up to $24 will be charged to your account. It's not a loan - it's our way to help you out in the short-term. Overdrafts should be repaid as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the overdraft occurred. Overdraft Protection will vary based on your account status and eligibility. It's simple, it's automatic, and it's there for your protection.


We want to help you with life catches you by surprise. Visit or call to speak to our Member Service Representative about these options.


Qualifications apply. Subject to credit approval.