VISA Debit Cards

In today's fast paced world, nothing is more important than convenience.  That's why Land of Lincoln Credit Union offers the VISA ATM/Check Card for its members.  All you need to qualify is an LLCU checking account in good standing.  VISA ATM/Check Cards are accepted anywhere the VISA logo is displayed.

Activating Your VISA Debit/Check Card
The phone number to activate your Land of Lincoln Credit Union VISA Debit Card is 800-992-3808. If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking here.

Use the LLCU Check Card like a Check
Whether you are buying groceries or shopping for clothes, the LLCU Check Card is the hassle-free way to pay.  The amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your credit union checking account. That means there is no hassle with writing a check, providing I.D., or waiting for approval.  Plus, you don't have to worry about being denied because the LLCU Check Card is accepted anywhere the VISA logo is displayed.
Use the LLCU Check Card as an ATM Card
Your LLCU Check Card can also be used as an ATM card at thousands of locations around the country and around the world.  Just look for an ATM machine that bears the Cirrus, Star, Discover, Master Card, Plus, Amex, Maestro, or VISA logo.  And remember, LLCU does not charge any fees when the card is used at one of LLCU's convenient ATM locations.  If you use the card at locations other than LLCU's, you are allowed 6 transactions per month without a fee (this does not include surcharges that the non LLCU ATM's may charge).  More than 6 transactions per month will carry a $1.00 fee per transaction.

Balancing Your Checkbook is Simple
Every time you use your LLCU Check Card, you will receive a receipt.  Just enter the amount of the receipt in your checkbook register when you go home.  Plus, your monthly checking account statement will have a detailed record of each Check Card transaction.
What's the difference between using the card as a check versus an ATM card?
When used at an ATM machine, you'll be required to enter your four digit PIN for all transactions.  The amount of the withdrawal will be automatically deducted from your checking account.  When used at most retail locations, the merchant will swipe your card (in the same way they process a credit card) and then have you sign for the purchase.  However, at some retail locations, generally gas stations and grocery stores, you may have to swipe the card yourself and then choose either Debit or Credit transaction.  EITHER CHOICE WILL WORK!  The only difference is that if you choose DEBIT, you'll need to enter your PIN number and the transaction will count toward your daily ATM limit of $300.  There may be a $1.00 fee for this type of transaction.  If you choose Credit, the amount will still be deducted from your checking account.  You'll be required to sign for the purchase, the same as if the merchant swiped your card, but the purchase will not count toward your daily ATM limit.  There is no charge for this type of transaction.