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Play Ball Auto Loan Promotion

5/29/2024 Katie Armstrong

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Thursday, June 1st – Monday, July 31st, 2024

With the LLCU PLAY BALL Auto Loan promotion, members have the opportunity to draw a random baseball from the wall that will have an amount expressed in percentage on the backside. They will be entitled to discount that amount off of the official loan rate for which they qualify. Discount amounts available range from 0.25% to a 2.00%.

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  • Must be eligible for membership. Review membership qualifications by CLICKING HERE.
  • Promotion applies to all vehicle types, including auto, motorcycle, boat, and RV.
  • Minimum loan amount of $5,000 required to qualify to draw for a discount.
  • We will pay the title transfer fee on cross-sold vehicle loans over $7,500.
  • Discounts are in addition to Relationship Rewards discounts.
  • This promotion applies to NEW money only – either a new purchase or financing a vehicle that is currently financed elsewhere. Members cannot refinance a current LLCU loan strictly for lowering their rate using this promotion.
  • Must qualify the member for a loan BEFORE having them pick a rate deduction.
  • Member will draw a baseball and receive discount listed on backside off the loan rate for which they qualify.

*APR – Annual Percentage Rate. Promotion only valid for vehicle loans closed between June 1st – July 31st, 2023 and while promotional baseballs last. Member will draw a baseball and a discount amount will appear on the backside. This amount expressed in a percentage can be used as a discount off the loan rate for which the member qualifies. Discount values and odds available in the drawing are as follows: 2.00% (4% chance); 1.00% (16% chance); 0.50% (30% chance) and 0.25% (50% chance). Promotion applies only to Direct Vehicle Loans (new or used) and to refinanced vehicle loans from another financial institution. Indirect financing with LLCU through an area auto dealership does not qualify for promotional prize. Must be eligible for membership. Vehicle loan must be a minimum of $5,000 to qualify for promotion. Members refinancing an existing LLCU vehicle loan are not eligible for the promotional discount drawing. Title transfer fees will be paid on cross-sold vehicle loans over $7,500. No purchase necessary. Other restrictions may apply, visit for details.


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