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LLCU Member Appreciation Week October 17th - 21st

10/12/2022 Katie Salogga

UPDATE - Drawing Winners Below!

Treat Days

Monday - Our members are Smart Cookies!
Receive a cookie with your transaction!

Tuesday - Our members are All that & a Bag of Chips!
Receive a bag of chips with your transaction!

Wednesday - We like our members a latte ♥
Receive a free latte or a coupon for a latte.

Thursday - Our members make us pop with appreciation.
Receive a free bag of popcorn!

Friday - Food Truck Friday!
In celebration of International Credit Union Day, we will provide lunch for first 100 members!

A limit of 100 items will be given each day. First come, first served.


Members that come to the branch can enter a drawing for the following prizes:

$250 Amazon Gift Card
$100 Amazon Gift Card
$50 Amazon Gift Card
$25 Amazon Gift Card *All entry names from each branch will go into ONE drawing for each of the above items.

2 Drawings for
$50 Visa® Gift Cards
4 Drawings for
$25 Visa® Gift Cards
*Each of the above items will be drawn at EACH branch.

*ALL DRAWINGS WILL BE HELD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21st at 1:00p.m. at the end of Food Truck Friday. Need not be present to win, winners will be announced on, social media channels & contacted via email.


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