Premier Partners

Why Become a Credit Union Premier Partner?
By offering credit union services, you are showing your care and concern for your employees’ financial well-being.  Credit union membership is an added employee benefit that costs your company nothing.  Research shows employees who are financially secure are actually more productive on the job.*

Benefits to the Employer:

  • No cost employee benefit.
  • Enhances benefits package.
  • No financial risk to your organization.
  • Improved employee satisfaction.
  • We can come to your place of business.

Benefits to the Employee:

  • Receive Exclusive Discounts on Consumer Loans.
  • Encourages regular savings.
  • Free seminars on good financial habits.
  • Receive great rates and terms.
  • Exclusive money-saving offers for members.
  • Easy access to accounts 24/7.
  • Payroll deduction/Direct deposit.
  • Save or pay loans automatically.

Adding Land of Lincoln Credit Union (LLCU) to your benefits package will give your company a competitive edge in attracting and retaining valuable employees. You will join a growing number of companies that realize the importance of offering access to affordable, quality financial products and services.

* Financial Stress & Workplace Performance:  Developing Employer-Credit Union Partnerships, Filene Research Institute, 2002.




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