VISA Credit Cards

Like the tides, gravity or your mother's home cooking, some things never change. And our VISA credit cards are no different. In fact, while banks can't seem to raise rates high enough, our credit card rates haven't changed in over ten years. That's right - ten years! So, enjoy the fact that change isn't always a good thing and check out our four VISA credit card options.

Platinum Elite Card
The VISA Platinum Elite is our most prestigious VISA Credit Card. Our Platinum Elite card offers:

  • Minimal Fees
  • No Annual Fee
  • 9.25% Low APR
  • Automatic Travel Accident Insurance of $150,000.  As a VISA Platinum cardholder, you and your dependents are covered automatically when the entire travel fare is charged to your eligible credit card.

Platinum Select Card
The VISA Platinum Select offers:

  • No Annual Fee
  • 9.9% Low APR
  • $10.00 Inactivity Fee (Unless you make a purchase once annually)
  • Automatic Travel Accident Insurance of $150,000.

Platinum Card
Do you have less than perfect credit?  Don't worry.  You may qualify for a VISA Platinum. Here are the details:

  • No Annual Fee
  • 13.9% APR
  • $10.00 Inactivity Fee (Unless you make a purchase once annually)
  • Automatic Travel Accident Insurance of $150,000.
  • Accumulates ScoreCard Points with the ScoreCard Bonus Point Program.  Bonus points for this program begin to accumulate with purchases you make from the first day you are accepted into the program.  Every dollar in purchases (less returns) that is charged to your credit card account earns you one bonus point.  Bonus Points can be used to order gift/travel awards listed in the most current ScoreCard Brochure.

Basic Card
The LLCU Basic Visa Credit Card is the perfect option for those who need to establish or re-establish good credit.  The card offers a lower interest rate than most credit cards with minimal fees. Here are the details:

  • 15.9% APR
  • $10.00 Annual Fee

Contact a Member Service Representative to find out which of our great cards is right for you.