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LLCU Donates $10,000 to Decatur Show Choir Complex

10/14/2022 Cayla Hittmeier

Decatur, Illinois, October 14th, 2022– Land of Lincoln Credit Union (LLCU) made a $10,000donation to the Decatur Show Choir Complex (DSCC) on Wednesday. This donation will be used specifically to provide a participation scholarship to three students during this year’s show choir season. The Decatur Show Choir Complex is the formal organization that houses the show choir groups, “Elite Energy”, and “Collective Sound”, which allows students from the Decatur Public Schools to participate in show choir as an extracurricular activity.

“I want to express our overwhelming appreciation for this generous donation from LLCU,” stated Chan Smalley, DSCC Executive Board President. “There are numerous expenses involved for each student to participate including costume costs, travel costs, food costs and more. For some students, it is only through these types of donations that they are able to participate.”

“When we are afforded opportunities that allow us to enrich young lives in our communities, we enthusiastically agree to help,” stated Robert Ares, LLCU President & CEO. “The successes we have experienced here at LLCU, thanks to loyal patronage of our membership, is what allows us to contribute to our communities in this way, and for that, we are grateful.”

Elite Energy has represented this community for the last 30+ years and is independently funded, non-profit organization. If other businesses or individuals would like to contribute toward student participation scholarships, please visit



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