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On November 10th, Nokomis Savings Bank (NSB) became Land of Lincoln Credit Union (LLCU). We are delighted to serve the Nokomis community and we are committed to providing exceptional products and service. Additionally, on Saturday, February 10th, the former Nokomis system was successfully converted to the LLCU Online Banking System.

If you have not yet, please read through the information below to successfully complete your transition to the LLCU systems.

Benefits of Transitioning to LLCU System:

  • You will have full access to all LLCU products, services, branches, and ATMs.
  • You will also now have access to over 30,000 Shared Branching Network ATMs nationwide, surcharge free.
  • Everyone will begin receiving account statements with an improved look and format.
  • LLCU Online banking offers more features including Instant Balance, BillPay, SavvyMoney, MyCards, and Zelle®. You will also have access to LLCU's Mobile Banking app and can bank ANYWHERE!

Necessary Actions to Successfully Complete Your Transition:

  • Contact any LLCU branch or call the LLCU Solutions Center to enroll in LLCU Online Banking at 1-844-222-7788.
  • If you previously had an NSB debit card, you should have already received your new LLCU VISA® ATM/Debit card. Use the phone number accompanying your card to activate it & to receive a new PIN number.

We know you likely have many questions about this upcoming transition. Please continue reading through the following "Frequently Asked Questions" below. If you still have questions after reviewing, or would like to discuss anything further, please call us the LLCU Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788.


Q: Why was this system transition necessary?

A: To fully transition from Nokomis Savings Bank to LLCU, we switched all accounts over to the data processing system currently used by all other LLCU branches. This transition is an important technology upgrade for you, as it will allow you to take full advantage of all LLCU products and services, as well as account services we offer, such as LLCU Online Banking. This data system transition has given you full access to utilize any LLCU branch and/or ATM for your transactions. It also grants you access to all Shared Branching Network ATMs (over 30,000) across the country, free of surcharge.

Q: Did my account number(s) change?

A: With our system, all LLCU members have only ONE account number. Therefore, for some of you – your account number did change. For others, your account number has remained the same. The main determinant for whether you now have a new account number depends entirely on how many accounts you currently hold with us. See further explanation below:

Members with a SINGLE accountYour account number DID NOT change. Whether you have a savings, checking, or loan account with LLCU – your account number remains the same.
Members with a CHECKING account, plus additional accountsYou now have only ONE account number for all accounts you hold at LLCU. Your account number for ALL accounts is your current CHECKING ACCOUNT number.
Members with MULTIPLE accounts, but NO CHECKING ACCOUNTYou now have only ONE account number for all accounts you hold at LLCU. Please contact the Nokomis branch or LLCU Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788, to confirm your new LLCU account number.
Q: Did my routing number change?

A: Yes – your routing number has changed to LLCU’s routing number. The LLCU routing number is 271183015. That said, to make things easier for you, we are forwarding transactions using the previous routing number to the new LLCU routing number. This means that you will not need to take any actions or make any changes to any pre-existing Direct Deposit/ACH/Payroll Deductions. These will automatically re-route for you.

Q: Were my Direct Deposit/ACH/Payroll Deduction be affected?

A: No – these transactions are being processed without interruption and do not require any action from you.

Q: Can I still use my current checks issued by NSB?

A: No – you should dispose of any existing checks previously issued by NSB. If you regularly use checks, you should have received one complimentary set of LLCU checks in the week preceding the transition date (Feb. 10th). If you have not received those checks, please contact the Nokomis branch or call the LLCU Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788.

Q: Do I need a new ATM/Debit Card?

A: Yes – as of February 10th, 2024, you must discontinue use of your current ATM/Debit Card that was previously issued by NSB.

You should have received a new LLCU VISA® ATM/Debit Card 7-10 days prior to the transition date of Saturday, Feb. 10th, 2024. If you have not yet received your new card, please contact your Nokomis branch or call the LLCU Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788.

Then, as of Sunday, February 11th, you will be able to activate your new LLCU VISA® ATM/Debit card and begin use. Once you have activated your new LLCU VISA® ATM/Debit card, you can promptly dispose of your NSB-issued ATM/Debit card.

Q: Are there withdrawal or purchase limits on LLCU ATM/Debit cards?

A: Yes. For security purposes, LLCU ATM/Debit cards have a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $500 and a daily purchase limit of $5,000. If you have specific questions regarding your limits, please contact our Member Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788 after you have activated your new card on February 11th, 2024.

Q: Did my account history transfer over to the new LLCU system?

A: No – your account history did not transfer over to the new LLCU system. If you would like record of your account history for anything prior to the transition date of Feb. 10th, 2024, we encourage you to contact the Nokomis branch as soon as possible. Access to those records will only be available to us through February 29th, 2024.

Q: Will my statements remain the same?

A: No – account passbooks will no longer be utilized. Instead, all accounts will receive an account statement beginning February 2024. Your new statement will have a sleek look and format and provide you with far more information than passbooks have previously. Some transaction descriptions will change, but we are ready to assist you with understanding the new statement layout and descriptions.

Additionally, once you have enrolled in LLCU Online Banking, you will have the option to enroll in LLCU e-statements to receive your statements electronically.

Q: Did my Online Banking change?

A: YES – you no longer have access to the previous version of online banking offered by NSB. You now must enroll in LLCU Online Banking to access your account records and transactions. To enroll in LLCU Online Banking, visit any LLCU branch or call the LLCU Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788.

Q: Did the features of my accounts stay the same or will they change?

A: Some accounts did remain the same or very similar, while others transitioned to the closest LLCU equivalent product. Please review the following table, which illustrates how previous NSB accounts transitioned to current LLCU accounts, as of Feb. 12th, 2024:

Regular CheckingFree CheckingLLCU Free Checking offers many features & benefits such as no monthly services fees, no minimum balance requirement, direct deposit, online banking, BillPay, unlimited check writing privileges, optional overdraft protection, and Zelle®.
Rewards Checking
or Cash Rewards Checking
Free Checking
or AMPED Checking
LLCU Free Checking offers many features & benefits such as no monthly services fees, no minimum balance requirement, direct deposit, online banking, BillPay, unlimited check writing privileges, optional overdraft protection, and Zelle®. 

LLCU AMPED Checking is a higher interest-bearing checking account for those who frequently use debit cards and use online banking and e-statements. This checking pays tiered dividends based on average daily balances, with no minimum balance required.
Now CheckingPremier Advantage Checking
or Share Draft Plus Checking
LLCU Premier Advantage Checking is an interest-bearing checking account exclusively offered to LLCU members 50 years and over (or retired). The account offers valuable discounts, bonuses, and services.

LLCU Share Draft PLUS Checking is a checking account that offers the same benefits & features of Free Checking but also pays dividends monthly if the average daily balance remains at or above $500.
Passbook Savings,
Statement Savings,
or Rewards Savings
Basic SavingsLLCU Basic Savings is an interest-bearing savings account with no monthly services fees. Great for long-term or short-term savings needs.
Christmas ClubChristmas SavingsLLCU Christmas Savings is an interest-bearing account with no monthly service fee, no minimum balance or minimum deposit required to open.
Super Savings 
or Money Market
Money MarketLLCU Money Market is an account with a higher minimum balance requirement and pays a higher rate of dividend based on level of deposits.
Time DepositsCertificates of Deposit (CDs)
(a.k.a. - Share Certificates)
There will be no change to this product other than title. At LLCU, a Time Deposit is referred to as a Certificate of Deposit (CD)
or Share Certificate.
IRA Time DepositsIRAThere will be no change to your current terms for this product and it bears the same term at LLCU.

To learn more about LLCU Checking Products, click HERE. To learn more about LLCU Savings Products, click HERE.

*Please see LLCU Terms & Conditions and Fee Schedule for details regarding all LLCU accounts.

Q: Did the terms of my Time Deposits (CDs) or any of my loans change?

A: No – the terms of your Time Deposits (CDs) and Loans did not change. The only thing that may have changed associated with these is the account number (see previous question).

Q: What happened with my pre-authorized automatic loan payments?

A: There was no change with pre-authorized automatic loan payments due to the transition, and there was no interruption in service. Your automatic loan payments continue to be processed as they currently are now with no charge.

Q: What options do I now have for paying my LLCU loan after this transition?

A: You continue to have the same payment options for your loan, which include paying in-person at any LLCU branch or through the drive-thru, setting up an online or automatic payment method, or sending your payment by mail.

Q: Where can I get more information if I have more questions or concerns?

A: We know that change can be difficult, but we want to make this change easy and positive for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call or stop by any LLCU branch or call the LLCU Solutions Center at 1-844-222-7788 during regular business hours. You can also talk to a representative via live chat by visiting llcu.org. Or, email us at llcu@llcu.org. We are all ready to help you.


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